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Jesus and Arash

Jesus and Arash

Basic Information: My name is Jesus, and completed my Master’s Degree in nursing in 2006. For the past 10 years I have been working as a nurse manager at Kaiser Permanente. I really enjoy my job as a nurse, since it allows me to help others is need. In addition, it allows me to interact with all types of people and learn who they are, and how truly I can help provide the best nursing care possible.

My partner Arash just graduated from California State University Northridge. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and is currently working in the billing department for a private Laboratory in the city of Van Nuys. His goal is to open up his own accounting office and work with small business and help them succeed and grow more.

About Us: We have been together since first meeting at our neighborhood Starbucks back in 2011. We had an instant connection, that has allowed us to share many personal, stories about our past, present and our future. Together, we create such a strong partnership, one that will allow us to be amazing parents. This partnership, will become even stronger on September 23, 2017 when we marry. We come from a blended family with roots planted all over the world and beyond. We would love to share all the cultures and traditions that make up our family and provide our child with those wonderful experiences that make us who we are.

Although we have our mutual hobbies like going to the movies, dining out at restaurants and vacationing/traveling, we both have our own interests. You can usually find Arash putting together jigsaw puzzles, and arranging some of his old school CD’s and records in alphabetical order. As for myself you will often find me in the kitchen trying to follow recipes for baking cookies, and learning to create some new fun dinners for the whole family to enjoy. In addition, you will also find me gardening in the back yard, and feeding the birds and the squirrels that frequent our back yard.

Our Home: We live in a beautiful four-bedroom home in Woodland Hills California, 30 minutes from Los Angeles. The neighborhood is perfect for family strolls and riding bikes with many parks within walking distance allowing the opportunities for many outdoor activities. We are very blessed to have my mother and father living with us, and creating that warm family feeling. In our home we have a two beautiful dogs, a pug named “Big Belly” a boxer named “Starlie” and a talking African grey parrot named “Miss Piggy”. All of which create an exciting and interacting environment for us.

Meet Arash: He is a genuine sincere person, who is always happy, laughing, and looking at all the good that life has to offer. He is someone that will always make you feel special, and make you laugh by telling you funny jokes. He has a passion for animals, and volunteers at one of the local animal shelters. He feels that since animals don’t have a voice, we need to be theirs. He is the adventurous one, always looking for ways to entertain himself.

Meet Jesse: He is funny, charismatic person that is always looking to help others. He loves unconditionally and is always there to support. He pretends to be a “Chef” by always trying to create new meals for the whole family, but instead just ends up dirtying a lot of dishes instead. He also loves animals, and also volunteers at a local animal shelter. One of his major goals is to eventually have a small farm with many different types of animals.

Our Family: Jesus comes from a large family where annual reunions are a must, he also feels that family togetherness is the key to happiness and good health. We celebrate everyone’s birthday, accomplishments and all of the major holidays with lots of food, music and games. You can say that’s part of the Latino Culture. My partner Arash also comes from a large family, however most of his family are still living in Iran. Only his older brother lives here in the US in close proximity to us. We are both very lucky that my mother and father live with us, this has created a sense of security and love for the both of us. We are your traditional family in the sense that every day we all sit together and have dinner and discuss our day. We feel that this tradition creates a sense support, and closeness. On the weekend especially on Sunday morning, we all go eat breakfast as a family to spend time together, after that we all go to our local church, and then we come home to enjoy the rest of our day. Which is spent watching movies, and playing with our dogs and our birds.

Our Thoughts on Parenting: Both of us have wanted kids since we were very young; something we had talked about on our very first date. Over the years, while spending time with kids in our family and babysitting my sister’s kids we talked about how great it would be to have children of our own. As our relationship developed we found a deep appreciation and great love for each other, and realized that the time for us has come to open our hearts and our home to a child who will complete our family.

Dear Birth Parents: Thank you for taking the time to look through our profile and potentially consider us as adoptive parents. We can only imagine how you must be feeling at this moment and although our paths are taking different courses, please understand how courageous we believe you truly are. Your bravery honors us. Our names are Jesse and Arash, and we would be privileged to share with you a little about who we are. We are a very committed couple who are more than ready to open our hearts and lives through adoption. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to communicate and we hope and pray that this is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship with one another. We would love to join you and be a part of this journey as one.

It takes an extraordinarily strong person to consider the path of adoption, and for that alone we thank you. Adoption is our only avenue of raising a child. We want you to know that your child will be raised to his or her full potential. We believe that their path, like ours, may not always be easy but we will always be by their side guiding and protecting them along the way. It will be our mission to make the best home for your child.

The opportunity you are giving us is one that will never be forgotten. We can only hope that you will want to continue a mutual relationship so that you can witness firsthand our teaching your child about your incredibly selfless act. Your child will always know about whom his or her birthmother is and the incredible gift you gave us.


Jesus and Arash

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